Lombardy Producers

Castel Faglia - Cazzago San Martino

The Castel Faglia style is based on a constant research of harmony between intensity and freshness, between personality and pleasantness. With this goal, they put accurate care into every detail : from the wine farming, in full respect of the ecosystem and vineyard, so to preserve the natural aromatic feature of...

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Castello di Cigognola

The Castello di Cigognola company stands among the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese, brembraced by Piedmont and Emilia, in what was once known , until the Unification of  Italy, as “Old Piedmont”. It springs from the intuition of the proprietors, Gian Marco  and Letizia Moratti, who,...

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Nino Negri

This estate of Nino Negri wines was founded 100 years ago and has managed to combine considerable determination and targetted insight from generation to generation , two characteristics that enable their wines to express their full greatness. To ensure top-quality results, the company invests continuously and...

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