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Time to Decanter a Pio Cesare

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The must have guide for wine aficionados, Decanter Magazine has featured Arquilla's Pio Cesare in its Producer Profile as part of its April Italian edition!

Wine expert Kerin O’Keefe travels to the glorious Piedmont region to speak candidly with Pio Boffa about the current tactics and ongoing traditions that allow Pio Cesare to retain its reputation as one of Piedmont’s oldest, most prestigious Barolo and Barbaresco houses.

O’Keefe provides magnificent insights into the rich historical foundations and glorious family heritage on which five generations of Cesare and Pio have built their name as leaders of the blended wine.

Pio Boffa indulges readers with the bold moves that enabled his family to alter the life long, grower-buyer relationships to begin owning their own vineyards, which ultimately strengthened overall quality.

One of the first to ever bottle its wines early in the last century and pioneers in exporting throughout Europe, Pio Cesare have never stood still in their focus for producing and sharing this ‘true expression of Nebbiolo’. "When the modernists reigned, I was seen as a traditionalist; now the traditionalists have made a comeback, I’m labeled a modernist", laughs Pio Boffa.

Included in Kerin O'Keefe's top six from Pio Cesare is the Barolo 2007, noting, "a stunning, classic Nebbiolo aroma from rose, earth and a hint of slate and leather. Complex with great depth and balance. A hallmark Barolo". ***** 19/20