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Wine publication The Drinks Business has recently listed two of Arquilla's producers – José Rallo of Donnafugata and Francesca Planeta of Planeta – in their Top 10 Women in Italian wine, in recognition of the increasing influence and contribution they are providing to the industry.

In an interesting parallel, both women left Sicily to study and work elsewhere before being drawn home to work within the family business.

It wasn't always an easy return though, with Giacomo Rallo starting his daughter off in her winemaking career at the bottom of the company, in a test of her commitment. It was a gamble which paid off considering José, along with brother Antonio, today run the majority of the business.

For Francesca, it was in 1995 while in Sicily for a holiday that she witnessed the grape harvest that would inspire her return home.

“I remember the first Chardonnay grapes arriving and thinking – I can do something for my island," she said. "This is a great challenge.”

Both women show a great pride and dedication to their Sicilian homeland in a passion that drives their ambitions for their respective brands.

Arquilla congratulates both producers and we look forward to what will be achieved in the future.