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Planeta releases its 2013 harvest report with a forecast into what we can expect from each of their distinguished wineries. 

Over 87 days, 120 men and women worked tirelessly across the 350 hectares of five wineries to collect 28 varieties of grapes that will go into 21 of Planeta's best wines.

This harvest was touted as the harvest of the century, and while long and intense, went extraordinarily well.

Weather conditions had been favourable in the lead up to to the collection, though differed across the various Sicilian regions. Winter and Spring brought an average amount of rainfall in the west, while in the South and North there was a lesser degree of rain experienced in the Spring. Heat across late Spring and Summer were well balanced, without being excessive. This caused July and August to produce an ideal preparation for aromatic white wines and intense reds.  

While some rain arrived in late August, this was centralised more to the west, which aided to revive the harvest and extended the ripening of red grapes. A cold, wet September was followed by a sunny October to provide a vintage yet to be proved.

Menfi and Sambuca

A result of a cool and bright July and August, these are beautiful white wines - a richer Chardonnay without excessive alcohol, a super-aromatic Fiano and standard Gercanico. A cooler harvest benefitted the reds, Merlot and Cabernet, as an extended ripening produced a thicker, denser tannin structure. A fresh and fruity Nero d'Avola unlike any tasted before awaits. 


Perfect grapes were the result of ideal weather conditions, year-long. A cooler July and August had a single rainfall to refresh the soil, producing a rich Nero d'Avola and an aromatic Grappato. An experiment has been conducted with the Cerasuolo, with an extended maceration looking to produce a more intense flavour.


A very dry Winter and Spring caused the thinning of the Nero d'Avola vines, providing a full, dense and low-alcohol Nero d'Avola, while the Moscato is especially aromatic.


Extended periods of rain just before harvest meant reducing production to the bare minimum as Planeta get to know this territory.



A return to a vintage more in the 'Etna style', following an extended, dry Summer of perfect temperature. Spring rains arrived in a timely fashion, followed by a rare heat-spell in october to completely turn the vintage around. A late harvest is required at Etna to ensure quality in the reds.