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World-renowned wine producer Montalbera has taken another step into the spotlight with the International Wine Report, reviewing six labels from Montalbera amongst the best wines in Piedmont.

This independent industry recognition follows on from recent media acknowledgement of the successful Montalbera range. 

Director of Montalbera, Franco Morando, touches on the sense of achievement, speaking to the quality of product and long-standing foundations.

"For us, it’s a great pride to be on top of the International Wine Report with four labels exceeding 90 points,” says the director of the most recent award. “We carry forward quality and innovation with respect for our traditions in Piedmont, sure to rigorously express the fruit that the earth gives us every year”.

Montalbera’s aromatic and velvety delight, the Barbera d’Asti ‘Lequilibrio’, tops the list of six labels, with a score of 93. Only one-point shy at 92, is the aged Ruche’ di Castagnole ‘Laccento’ 2014.


Montalbera’s Top Six


MONTALBERA Barber d’Asti ‘Lequilibrio’ 2013 93 points


MONTALBERA Ruche’ di Castagnole ‘Laccento’ 2014 92 points


MONTALBERA Ruchè di Castagnole 'La Tradizione' 2015 91 points


MONTALBERA Piemonte Rosso 2014 90 points


MONTALBERA 'Calypsos' 2015 91 points


Heralded for years of dedication and cultivation of the vineyards of Monferrato and Langhe, Montalbera’s iconic tastes continue to hit the palates of significant authorities within the winery landscape.

Over the past year, recognition has soared, with Ruche at the centre of the limelight. As a once forgotten grape, the Ruche now flourishes as a multi-faceted palate combination, a truly sought-after taste from Montalbera.

Distinguished Italian food and wine magazine Gambero Rosso has celebrated Montalbera’s Ruche La Tradizione 2015 with three glasses, the Tri Bicchieri award. Gambero Rosso describes the wine as ‘aromatic and fragrant, with charming peppery nuances, and beautifully plush, juicy palate with a long character finish’.

Adding to this compliment, Italian wine aficionado Luca Maroni joins the chorus of praise, but for the Ruche Laccento 2015.

“Laccento by Montalbera is one of the greatest expressions of this wine in the world. An exquisite palate of strawberry and rose intermix with violet and blackberry” said Mr.Maroni.

Luca’s certified 99 points awarded to Laccento is an outstanding nod to consistency, balance and integrity. With the added appreciation of the Best Overall Italian Wine Award.

Montalbera’s Ruche Laccento was also awarded the Corona (Crown) from Vinibuoni by Touring Club Italiano earlier this year.

The award is presented to such a wine, ‘For its quality, pleasantness, drinkability and connection between wine wine varietal and land’, as written on the certificate.

With these recent accolades attributed to Montalbera, excitement and buzz is surrounding what’s next for the historical wine producer.

While Montalbera celebrates tradition, hard work and achievement, the whole industry can celebrate the tastes to come.