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The Vinitaly International Prize 2015 was recently awarded to a very deserving Livio Felluga, head of the Friuli Venezia Giulia based company.

Livio Felluga received the prize in acknowledgement of a great man behind a winery of outstanding produce.

This was elaborated on during the presentation:

“The Livio Felluga winery is one of the biggest estates in Friuli, where they produce the most excellent typical wines like Malvasia, Ribolla Gialla and Friulano, but also Terre Alte, one of italy’s greatest white-wine blends. The Livio Felluga winery is also renowned for the production of one of the finest Picolit, a simply magnificent wine, memory of a historic wine that was enjoyed by kings, tzars and princes all over Europe.

The Livio Felluga winery was recently entrusted with the prestigious vineyards of the Abbey of Rosazzo, where the great white wine Abbazia di Rosazzo is produced. Livio Felluga, with his 100 years, is one of the great men of the Italian wine industry that still engages in the management of the winery, together with his children Maurizio, Andrea, Filippo and Elda.”

Livio has long been recognised as the man who re-established Friuli's winemaking heritage after the Second World War that had seen the rural population flee and abandon their crops. By implementing high-quality viticultural practices and restoring old vineyards, Livio breathed new life into the Friulan countryside. 

Arquilla congratulates Livio Felluga on this outstanding international achievement.