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Laura di Collobiano in Melbourne for the Food and Wine Festival

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With the Melbourne Food and Wine festival in full swing, we were excited to hear about the arrival of an international VIP from Tuscany.

Laura di Collobiano, owner of Tenuta di Valgiano, will shortly arrive in Melbourne to attend the highly anticipated ‘Return to Terroir’ worldwide biodynamic tasting event. Return to Terroir is a group of 176 top international biodynamic winegrowers who hail from all corners of the globe. 50 members of the group will be visiting Melbourne for this exclusive event, and Laura will be representing the Tenuta di Valgiano vineyards, which converted to organic and biodynamic farming back in 2001.

Guests at this special event will enjoy samples of the producer’s finest creations, such as the stunning Rosso Colline Lucchesi DOC Palistori.