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Landmark decision corks debate

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Courtesy of Gini Estate

Across the world, synthetic cork producers are rejoicing as the Italian Ministry of Agriculture has agreed to the use of screwcaps and synthetic corks on higher quality DOC and DOCG wines for the first time.

This decision will give more Italian wine producers a little more leg room to decide the best method suited to their wines and market.

There are balanced arguments for and against this alternative to natural corking, however, there is no doubt that synthetic corks and especially screwcaps are increasing in trend worldwide.

Many Australian winemakers have switched over to screwcaps due to the laborious research required to deliver best practice within the methodology.

This new decree may make some higher quality Italian wines more appealing to the marketplace. Veneto produced Soave Classico DOC, considered among the best white wines in Italy, is one example of the types of wine that can change bottling procedures.

The approval of these new bottling procedures is an amendment of the July 1993 decree that allowed only some wines to be bottled under screwcaps. The ratification does not include a sub-zone or the name of a vineyard on the label.