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International Celebration of Ossobuco

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Across the globe on January 17, Italian food lovers will join in the worldwide celebration of authentic and quality Italian gastronomy - the International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC). Foodies everywhere will be bringing to life the official dish of 2012 – Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese.

This wonderfully tempting dish, originating in Milan, is a worldwide sensation with numerous variations concocted in different countries. But the IDIC is about getting back to the roots of this tender, veal shank based feast by encouraging people to re-create the meal according to the authentic recipe.

In order to fully appreciate the Ossobuco cuisine, it is important to carefully select wines that emphasise the richness of the dish. For IDIC 2012, Arquilla suggests pairing the Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese with one of the following:

Pio Cesare Barbera d’Alba - this beautifully complex red wine from the Piemonte region has hints of spicy and ripe fruit that will work with the spices found in the dish for a seamless accompaniment.

Elio Altare Dolcetto d’Alba - another from the Piemonte region, this exceptional, fruity wine will provide a supple warmth to work in harmony with the intensity of the dish.

Nino Negri Valtellina Sassella Le Tense - hailing from the Lombardia region, home of Ossobuco, this elegant, well-structured wine is another ideal match due to its full yet soft flavour that leaves a complementary pleasing and lingering aftertaste.

Buon Appetito and for further details on IDIC 2012 click here.