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When Francesca Planeta, co-owner of Planeta Winery, joined her father’s business, the Sicily region had not yet made a name for itself in the wine world. It was known mainly for bulk wines like the Marsala and Madeira varieties.


Sicily has the most acreage of vineyards planted in Italy and is known to produce over 200 million gallons of wine per year. It produces more than the entire country of Australia despite being only three per cent of its size.


Chardonnay, typically hailing from California and France, was not known as a Sicilian variety, though Planeta did have one of their own. Drawing on her background of business communication and marketing, Francesca approached the promotion of Planeta Winery’s Chardonnay a little bit differently. When pouring the new wine she did not initially share its origin with tasters. Once they fell in love with it, only then did she reveal it was from Sicily.


The Chardonnay helped mark Planeta as a key leader in the region, and they used this momentum to introduce their other homegrown produce. Planeta today produces Merlot and Cabernet, alongside the more traditional white wine varieties common to the region.


Like us, Planeta this year celebrates their own 20-year anniversary. We are so proud to be reaching this milestone alongside such a prestigious winery so rich in history.


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