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Elio Altare, a visionary with a new mission

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In the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cinque Terre National Park, Elio Altare is deep in his visionary CAMPOGRANDE project, mentoring young local winemakers in the hope that they will repopulate this rural area.

Fifty years ago, 1300 hectares of vineyards were planted. Today only 80 hectares remain. Altare is on a mission to reinvigorate the winemaking region, and has been passionately tending to the area where he finds its potential and beauty growing each day.

It’s this passion that makes Altare one of the leading wine makers in the Barolo zone. We were very fortunate to receive an insight into this glorious part of Italy and the wonderful work that Elio Altare is undertaking to keep the wine making tradition alive.

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