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Donnafugata Night Harvest


The legendary night time grape harvest at Sicilian winery Donnafugata started ten years ago, and this month, you are invited to watch the harvest live!

Donnafugata are opening up their secret practice to members of their Facebook community on 10 August, sharing the beautiful labour of love of their annual night harvest on a live feed.

Josè Rallo of Donnafugata says the process ensures the grapes can be selected and carefully transported at their most optimum flavour and temperature. “The aromas that mature under the heat of the sun are harvested under the light of the moon,” says Rallo.

“This is a contradiction that can produce great wines, wines of extraordinary character … Its a wine that is born important, a wine that grows, evolves, and then manages to draw out its rich tropical notes, its freshness and smoothness.”

José and Antonio Rallo will be narrating the event as it unfolds, explaining exactly how the harvesting protects the fragrance of the grapes.

Watch the beautiful ‘behind the scenes’ video of the Donnafugata Estate here and log onto the live nighttime grape harvest on the evening of 10 August on the Estates’ Facebook page.