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Campania producer Feudi di San Gregorio was recently featured in a producer profile for prominent wine publication, Decanter.

The article outlines the intriguing history of the company, which emerged from the rubble of one of the worst earthquakes of Italy's modern history. Enzo Ercolino and his brothers Mario and Luciano fled the devastation in 1980, but returned home six years later with an intense desire to help rebuild their town of Avellino.

It was this desire that saw Enzo, his wife, his brother-in-law Mario, as well as his own brothers Mario and Luciano join forces to open the wine estate of Feudi di San Gregorio in the hills above Atripalda.

Antonio Capaldo, current head of the estate, noted how "adventurous" his family had been in their endeavours as they rebelled against a 2,000 year old tradition of red Aglianico wine production for more modern style whites.

Enzo's vision was to create an interest in Campania's wines and set a new standard for southern produce, using Tuscany, France and the New World as examples for Feudi di San Gregorio to follow.

The gamble paid off, with Avellino becoming one of the first Italian provinces to attain three DOCG labels for the Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo whites and the red Taurasi. Campania was put on the map for wine and Feudi di San Gregorio started to win numerous awards and feature in top restaurants.

Financial problems soon began to appear, leading to the departure of Enzo, his wife Mirella, as well as brothers Mario and Luciano, leaving the majority of the company in the hands of Mirella's brother Pellegrino Capaldo. It was the decision to for Pellegrino to bring his son Antonio on board to run the company that officially started a new chapter for this exceptional winery. 

Antonio employed a new CEO, agronomist Pierpaolo Sirch, and together they steered the company back to basics, embracing native grapes like the Aglianico and doing them well. 

Next in the pipeline is a series of 12 cru wines, Feudi Studi, which will focus on microzones of Greco, Fiano and Aglianico. The first five of this series are set to be released later in 2015, in limited amounts of around 1,800 per variety. 

Going back to their roots doesn't mean the duo don't have their sights set on the big picture. On the contrary, Antonio is looking beyond Campania as Feudi di San Gregorio strive to establish the company across the wider region of southern Italy to focus on the native grapes in these varied regions. 

With such a fascinating history behind them and an innovative future on the horizon, Arquilla wait with bated breath to see what next awaits this exceptional winery.

See Decanter magazine's April issue for more.