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Cider of Mont Blanc

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On the heels of Australia’s cider-drinking boom, Arquilla are expanding our extensive range of premium Italian wine, champagne, beer and spirits to include artisanal cider.

We are excited to introduce the handcrafted Cider of Mont Blanc, a sparkling cider from the Aosta Valley Alps, bordering France in the northwestern tip of Italy.

The brewery Maley, named after the moniker for the Alps’ Mont Blanc Mountain, are committed to preserving traditional techniques in the cider’s production. This approach respects the century long cultivation of apple orchards in the region.

Hand picked from two sides of Mont Blanc, the apples in the Cider are a unique blend of Italian Raventze and French Coisin de Boussy apples. These rare varieties grown in a stunning alpine setting are combined to produce a fine, natural cider.

The Cider of Mont Blanc sets a standard for quality ciders and brings something new to the Australian market.