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Champagne Philipponnat Clos des Goisses sitting on the top of the wine world


The background behind a truly exceptional wine.

As defined by a 1921 regulation, a Clos must be an area enclosed by walls unable to be jumped by a horse and rider. Currently, there are only a handful of Clos that can compete on a quality level, and of these, Champagne Philipponnat Clos des Goisses soars above.

This Clos sits on the best south-facing slopes of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, beside the canal of Marne River. Acquired in 1935 by Pierre Philipponnat, over 5 hectares of vines are grown, of which 70% are Pinot Noir and the remaining 30% Chardonnay.

Over thirty years, the house switched ownership three times until it was bought in 1997 by the Boizel Chanoine Champagne Group (BCC) who remain in control to this day.

A mere 20,000 bottles are produced annually and are labelled as Clos des Goisses as the wine is made exclusively from grapes sourced within its walls.

After production, the blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is split, with half vinified in oak barrels and receiving an extra-brut dosage, with intense results.

It is recommended that the wine be allowed to breathe or decanted into a carafe to truly enjoy its intensity and complexity. Already kept up to 10 years in cellar before its release, the weight of time should not affect the Clos, should you wish to keep it in a private cellar for a few decades further.