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Champagne Philipponat has received an impressive set of reviews from illustrious French wine guide Gilbert & Gaillard.

Six of the wines produced by the estate were entered into the prestigious Club 90+, an exclusive group of wines selected for their outstanding scores of 90 and above.

The Brut Grand Cru Cuvée was awarded 93/100 and noted for "candied citrus notes with a touch of rancio, patisserie and a mineral dimension" and a "beautiful presence on the palate".

Receiving 95/100, the Dosage Zéro Royale Réserve Non Dosé had a "nose of grilled almonds with aromas of brioche bread and notes of white fruits" with a "very refined, elegant palate".

With 92/100, the "generous yet fresh" Brut Grand Blanc 2006 revealed "white flower notes, milk bread and lemony cream" with a "full, mouth-coating palate".

The Brut Royale Réserve was awarded 91/100 for its "refined nose where furit aromas of apricot flesh and lemon are augmented by toasted almond notes", with a palate that was both "fresh" and "persistent".

The Brut Réserve Rosée received 93/100 for its "refined, precise and mature nose marrying ripe raspberry, fresh strawberry and dried fruits". The palate was recognised as both "rich and full-bodied", while also showing a "superb freshness".

With an impeccable 97/100, the Brut Clos des Goisses 2004 continues to be a stalwart force in the estate's repetoire in an expressive blend of "dried apricot, citrus and gingerbread". Though desribed as "still young and fiery", it was noted that the "elegant" 2004 needs more bottle time to be truly enjoyed.

Arquilla congratules Champagne Philipponat for this exceptional recognition of the range.