Arquilla Wines

Bringing you the best of Italy

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Pietro Porcu learned to cook at the hand of his mother in Sardinia. With fond memories of a childhood living off the land, he brings the flavours and traditions of his Italian upbringing to his restaurant Da Noi, in Melbourne’s South Yarra.


Da Noi, which translates to “At Our Place”, is a reflection of an old Italian Taverna. Residing in an old Victorian terrace, the restaurant is a double story delight that brings the ancient secrets of fine Italian dining to Melbourne.


Pietro’s passion for quality production and confidence in his dishes gives license to the restaurant’s “feed me” service – whereby the diner places ultimate trust in the chef to take them on a journey of a fixed-price, four-course degustation.  Da Noi is so confident in this offering that the menu is seldom proffered to patrons, available only upon request.


A food menu may be absent, but the wine list is present and extensive, displaying an Italian-only collection. Da Noi is the only Australian restaurant to take this initiative – and yes, they do stock Arquilla wines.