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Arquilla - Introducing Theresianer beers

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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="106" caption="Theresianer Premium Lager"]Theresianer Premium Lager[/caption]

Arquilla is excited to introduce a range of beers from Italian Brewery, Theresianer.

With four beers offered in the range – a Premium Lager, Premium Pils, Vienna and Strong Ale – the beers are sure to be well accepted in the Australian market.

And in an exciting development, three of the beers received some fantastic scores at the recent World Beer Championships, an internationally renowned initiative organised by the Beverage Tasting Institute.

The Premium Lager is a traditional lager characterized by a great smoothness and extremely well-balanced sensations to the nose and palate. The World Beer Championships awarded the Premium Lager a Silver Medal in the category “Munich Helles, Lager” mentioning it as ‘highly recommended’.

The Premium Pils is a light beer with a particularly dry flavour and a finish that is enhanced by the fresh hints of malt and hops, typical of Pilsner. The Premium Pils also received a Silver medal and was regarded as ‘highly recommended’ in the “Pils” category of the awards.

The Vienna is a beer with character and a perfect balance between malt and hops. While fresh and delicate it also offers fruity notes and hints of caramel. The Vienna did remarkably well to be awarded a Gold medal in the “Vienna Märzen, Lager” category, being regarded as ‘exceptional’.

The final addition is the Strong Ale; a beer with sweet flavour accompanied by hints of liquorice, dry fruit and coffee. It is a full bodied beer and has an intense amber colour.

For further information on the Theresianer beers, click here.