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Championing native varieties is the secret to this Grandi Marchi producer's success.

The Argiolas story started in the early 1900s in Serdiana, home of farmers, olive groves and vineyards. It was here that in 1906, Antonio, the patriarch, was born. He was the first to plant vine rows, to join vineyards together, and to seek quality in winemaking. His two sons, Franco and Giuseppe inherited his passion for wine, and shared it with their wives, and then with their own children. Today, the winery is run by the third Argiolas generation: Antonio’s grandchildren.

Argiolas is spread across five estates; Serdiana, Sisini, Sa Tanca, Bingias Beccias and Porto Pino.

Serdiana is the oldest of the five and is cultivated with traditional grape varieties, as well as featuring an olive grove of 5000 plants.

Sisini has an ideal soil composition, mild climate and beneficial exposure to yield excellent grapes for the Argiolas white wines. Vermentino is also plentiful, a variety which was brought from northern Sardinia by Antonio Argiolas and planted with great foresight.

Sa Tanca, at Selegas, features 80 hectares of hilly terrain, with coarse-grained limestone soils. Sitting at a height of 200 - 300 metres, it has a micro-climate that pairs with intense rainfall that help to develop and maintain colour and aroma to the grapes. This estate hosts a large experimental project, where dozens of non-native varieties are grown, as well as clones and select varieties of traditional grapes.

Bingias Beccias, at Selegas, are also known as the "Vigne Vecchie" (old vineyards). Over 60 hectares set on marl and limestone, white grape varieties flourish to produce some of the signature wines of Argiolas. With an altitude of 190 - 220 metres above sea level and rich soil, Bingias Beccias has always been considered a prime place to produce outstanding wines.

Porto Pino is relatively small compared to the other estates, with 15 hectares spread along the coastal strip at the Gulf of Palmas. The mitigating action of the winds and considerable temperature variance creates a microclimate that makes the winery perfect for growing Carignano. Sandstone-rich soils trap humidity at night to protect against drought and produce especially rich grapes.

On an ancient island, bordered by lagoons and wetlands where the flamingoes nest, Argiolas continues the ancient winemaking tradition of the island, championing native grapes such as Cannonau, Vermentino, Carignano, Monica, Bovale, Nasco, Girò and Nuragus, all while looking towards the future.